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Turnkey and Personalized Social Emotional Learning Experiences!

Children who volunteer between the ages of 5-12 have increased academic gains, school connectedness, and civic engagement.

The Kindness Connection(TKC) offers a unique program specifically designed to provide elementary school-aged children with enjoyable and inspiring volunteer experiences. TKC’s projects are designed to be age-appropriate and convenient for administrators and teachers.

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The Kindness Connection(TKC) projects are supported by a curriculum of discussion guides.

Trained facilitators staff and execute service opportunities without draining a school’s parent volunteer pool or exceeding your budget, The Kindness Connection can help to promote a culture of kindness within your school and meet your service learning objectives.

Our primary objective– to inspire the next generation of volunteers–is accomplished through service learning programs within elementary schools. Partnering with school administrators to help instill a culture of kindness, TKC is a trusted resource that makes quality service learning experiences easy to attain and implement. This partnership can last years while still offering students new service learning experiences. The diverse number of charitable projects TKC offers schools gives them the power of choice. Creating charitable projects that address a range of impact areas– from homelessness, to poverty, to environmental concerns and disaster relief– allows TKC to give schools tangible projects with wide- reaching benefit. Since 2006, TKC has provided service learning projects to thousands of school children at over 25 schools per year.

Kindness Connection Days®

When a school partners with TKC to schedule a “Kindness Connection Day”, classes cycle through a central location in the school to learn about and complete a three step gift for a recipient. A trained Kindness Connection facilitator and volunteer(s) are on hand to explain the projects, staff the project stations, and perform all set-up and clean up tasks. TKC provides discussion guides for classroom teachers to prepare their students beforehand and reflect upon their experience afterwards.

Benefits to Schools

  • TKC Programs are aligned with select goals of the Illinois Social Emotional Learning Standards and developed to cultivate the values of service while supporting student achievement in social and emotional learning.
  • TKC projects are supported by a curriculum of discussion guides and materials to teach about volunteerism and make the service experience even more meaningful for students.
  • TKC facilitators staff and execute the service opportunities
  • TKC is able to pass along materials at cost as well as provide complementary staffing, thanks to the generosity of our donors. Schools are asked to pay a subsidized fee of between $7-$9 per student depending on project chosen.