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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Kindness in our schools!

TKC Kindness Kits
TKC Kindness Kits

Through our years of experience in creating and facilitating kindness projects for elementary school students, The Kindness Connection has developed eight different ready-to-go Kindness Kit projects designed to touch the lives of the elderly, veterans, children in hospitals and shelter pets.

When You Contribute,
Everyone Wins!

Students enjoy a rich experience learning about worthy causes, feeling the satisfaction of giving and productively exercising their creativity.

Teachers receive pre-packaged Kindness Kits, step-by-step project instructions, and a video about volunteering.

Kindness Recipients love the projects we deliver to them.  Often, they send notes to the students, which make lasting impression on the giver and recipient.

You get the satisfaction of helping to inspire the next generation of volunteers.

Becoming a Sponsor Is Easy!

Students for $10 each
Sponsor as many as you want.

One Classroom for $250
Covers the cost for an entire classroom.

One School for $3,000
Covers the cost for a whole school.


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