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Team Building Volunteer Opportunities for
Corporations Big and Small

Give back to your community through art-based, creative service projects that are donated to local charities. By volunteering through TKC, not only are you helping those less-fortunate by producing much-needed items for charities, you are also sponsoring TKC’s mission of encouraging volunteerism at an early age.

Here are the Details!

TKC provides a "Pay-It-Forward" project for your employees to complete.

• Choose a local Veterans organization, Children's Hospital, At Risk Youth Program, or Senior Facility waiting for your help. Or we can work with you to create a project for a local charity of your choosing.

• Select a project which can be completed in one hour but can be customized to fit your time frame.

• Perfect activity for a company picnic, corporate off-site meetings, take your child to work, and giving days.


How It Works

Volunteer Projects

Choose From 6 Projects - all supplies included

Motivate Adolescent Athletes

Donated to charities serving underserved school-aged kids to promote healthy, active lifestyles.

Motivate Adolescent Athletes

Kit Includes:

Jump ropes, parachute, soccer balls, wooden crate, fabric storage bags, health journals,art supplies, and oversized gift card. 

Art for Vets

Donated to veteran homes and veteran hospitals. 

Art for Vets

Kit Includes:

 8" X 8" canvases, canvas hearts, patriotic art supplies, activity books, and  artist aprons, and oversized gift card. 


Create Art for the Aging or Homeless

Donated to charities serving elderly and homeless communities.

Create Art for the Aging or Homeless

Kit Includes:

 8" X 8" canvases, canvas hearts, "those were the days" journal, art supplies, artist aprons, and oversized gift card.

Outfit Tots With Educational Toys

Donated to charities serving preschool aged children to encourage learning.

Outfit Tots With Educational Toys

Kit Includes:

 Mat puzzle pieces, blocks, board books, wood chest, art supplies, oversized gift card.

Volunteer for Vets

Corporate Veteran Tote

Kit Includes:

Tote bags, key chain, activity journal, personal essentials, and art supplies.

Gifts for Hospitalized Youth

Corporate Hospitalized Youth Gifts

Kit Includes:

 Tote bag, art supplies for child, journal, stickers, stuffing and unstuffed animal, and art materials.


Purchase Projects Here

Email us at for questions or to set up a program to meet your individual needs.