TKC Participating Schools

Teacher supervising children drawing on soccer ballTKC - Participating Schools

What to expect while planning your Kindness Day:

  • A TKC Contact will be in touch to help your school with every detail of your Kindness Day. We will work with your school to determine the best projects/charities for your students to complete.

  • The school will receive a contract for the event date/projects chosen that includes a required 20% deposit.

  • The school contact will receive a discussion guide/curriculum to share with teachers prior to the event.

  • Your TKC contact will discuss number of sessions, students per session, room accommodations and other event day logistics with the school contact.

What to expect on your Kindness Day:

  • TKC Staff will arrive 60 min before the event start to complete set-up. Depending on group size there could be either one single session or several different sessions.

  • Groups will gather in one large group for a 10-15 minute TKC led discussion on volunteering, service, community and project instructions.

  • Students will spend 30-40 minutes completing the gifts for recipients (could be between 2-3 different projects packaged as a single gift).

  • TKC Staff will pack up all remaining materials and completed projects to be delivered.

What to expect after your Kindness Day Event:

  • TKC staff will deliver your projects to the recipient charity.

  • Teachers can complete the reflection activities included in the discussion guide with students.

  • TKC will send a recap of the Kindness Day event including photos and quotes from recipient organizations within 2-3 months of the event.
  • TKC will be in touch to discuss next year’s event!

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