Current Projects & Recipients

In Our Northbrook Court Volunteer Center

TKC offers 10 projects that are creative and carefully designed with input from our nonprofit partners. The completed projects are useful to the recipients, and will also bring them joy. Our handmade projects are designed to allow quality results from the volunteer no matter the age or ability.

When volunteers arrive at our store, they choose their project either by what impact area resonates with them or by the level of complexity of a project design.

In our store at Northbrook Court you can choose from the following recipient areas:
Seniors – 3 project options
Youth (hospitals and shelters) – 3 project options
Animals – 1 project option
Veterans – 3 project options

Each month we release a limited time special project that is donated to a carefully selected featured nonprofit that has a specific need we can meet.

TKC donates to Senior Centers and Care Facilities, Youth in Hospitals, Head Start Facilities, Woman’s Shelters, Veterans Hospitals and Care Facilities, Animal Shelters, Refugee Groups and more. We donate gifts to local charitable nonprofits who benefit from kindness.

Below you will see a few examples of projects offered at our Northbrook Court store.